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Formulated without poisonous Methyl Alcohol

Reagents Alcohol

What's in your reagent alcohol?

Ever studied its Safety Data Sheet? American MasterTech's Reagents alcohol is a better and safer alternative to the traditional reagent alcohol that many labs use. Every drop of MasterTech Reagent Alcohol goes through vigorous quality control to ensure that our customers, receive the highest quality Reagents Alcohol available.

High-Quality & Lasts Longer

American MasterTech decided to take a routinely used product and make it better and safer. Other reagent alcohols are only 190 proof, containing trace amounts of water. They are also denatured with poisonous methyl alcohol, which can cause swelling and distortion of cells. MasterTech Reagents Alcohol is 200 proof alcohol denatured with isopropanol, which means it will last longer due to less carryover.

Environmentally Safer

Why use a potentially blinding or fatal poison in your lab that is also illegal to drop even an ounce of down a drain? MasterTech Reagent Alcohol is made without the poisonous methyl alcohol which means its safer for you and safer for the environment.

World Renowned Customer Service

With the purchase of MasterTech Reagent Alcohol you will have supported a small, family-owned and operated business. American MasterTech's number one goal is to have satisfied customers and that is why we back each product with our world renowned team that will be here to help you with any questions that may arise.

MasterTech Reagent Alcohol, 100%

100% Reagents Alcohol is formulated with 95% 200 proof Ethyl Alcohol and 5% Isopropyl Alcohol.

MasterTech Reagent Alcohol, 95%

95% Reagent Alcohol is formulated using MasterTech 100% Reagents Alcohol, diluted with 5% purified water. Prefilled containers are filled with 30ml of 95% Reagent Ethyl Alcohol for superior liquid cytology cellular preservation.

Non-leaking polypropylene slide jars hold up to 4 slides in individual slots for easy access and removal of slides. Packed in two trays with 50 prefilled slide jars per tray.

MasterTech Reagent Alcohol, 80%

80% Reagent Alcohol is formulated using MasterTech 100% Reagents Alcohol, diluted with 20% purified water.

MasterTech Reagent Alcohol, 70%

70% Reagent Alcohol is formulated using MasterTech 100% Reagents Alcohol, diluted with 30% purified water.

MasterTech Reagent Alcohol, 50%

50% Reagent Alcohol is formulated using MasterTech 100% Reagents Alcohol, diluted with 50% purified water.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Your safety is our number one priority and putting you in-touch with time critical information regarding chemical/reagent safety is a good starting point. You will need Adobe Acrobat© Reader in order to open an SDS. If you do not have Reader, click here to download it for free.

100% MasterTech Reagent Alcohol SDS
95% MasterTech Reagent Alcohol SDS
80% MasterTech Reagent Alcohol SDS
70% MasterTech Reagent Alcohol SDS
50% MasterTech Reagent Alcohol SDS

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